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After being invited by a very special friend to see her artwork in Deviant Art, and after a deep meditation about my being, I decided to become a dedicated poet. I had experience from past years, but I've never realised that worshipping with poetry is made with the soul and heart, and so I need to rebuild my human essence, especially if I have to reach the epic goal of meeting my lifelove somewhere so far from me. I know that's a totally risky bet, but how do I'll live if I don't do something I desire so deeply?
Anyway, if you need some fine poetry to animate, I'll gladly collaborate with you!

After an easy mathematics test, now I'll write my first post for my site on Newgrounds!
And this will be about... what can it be? I'm thinking when testing my Adobe Flash CS3, laughing at my novice works, but my vacations can be for me to learn Flash and improve in little time to put effort in real movies to enjoy!
My crew? The ZX Zealots, rabid fans of japanese animation, and one of the best crew existing! If there's work about that, I'll gladly help (as long as my Flash skills or writings are accepted, or just providing files!
All my music games, RPG games, japanese animation, reality shows and friendship crazyness are belong to you!